De Broglie y el tiempo.

Therefore, De broglie foretold the photon bangs in and out the speed of light. he called it a “De Broglie”     core_pipe es cero o es uno. no tiene otro valor. y es determinadamente mal. falla digamos. es como que reviental hardware porque usa unos bit de paridad como de datos para comunicarse con … Sigue leyendo

Alertan por posible radiacion solar en onda corta.

lunes recien. es un fenomeno y me falta toda la semana trabajar.  

More Sunday TAO

One flair of infinity. The frozen Dragon. Drawn to nothing. Lack of layers of reality. Unexistance.   Incredibly our Universe in its tiniest expression has manifestations beyond human measurements The formula for success lies in ones ability to satify all other higher order formulas on the same scalar space Axioms of life often corelate to … Sigue leyendo

ipython signal processing project part 1

Doing some homework for the studio. Text to spech begins like this import pyttsx def main(): print ‘running…’ engine = pyttsx.init() str = “Hello there this is the text to speech python utility” engine.say(str) engine.runAndWait() main()   Python audio HDA init sequence import pyaudio pa = pa.initialize()   and finally some Python alsa … Sigue leyendo

hojas purpuras y azules

Titan es un misterio. Puede haber alguna forma de plantas subterraneas en titan que se alimentan de filtraciones en la roca que no necesitan mucha superficie de captacion solar porque son plantas cristalinas y pueden tener interaccion subterranea como las raices de arboles que se abrazan y se acarician. Algo.

ZFS I/O error. from Degraded to ONLINE.

Pool restore procedures this is not a test. we succeeded ZFS recovery procedures. it’s a success gptid/021cc ONLINE 0 0 0   scrub should be recommended for situations where earth magnetism, microwaves, and earthquakes are frequent as well as cosmic rays…(?) zfs internal checksum of all files is pretty amazing and worths the loads birth_hole … Sigue leyendo

ZFS resilience after fatal crash on spare HDD

This intends to be a more resilient ZFS configuration ahead of a spare hdd failure So we used many different locations to store virtual files for the pools Hoping to bring a stronger redundancy as well as performance for the mirrors #!/bin/bash # ZFS multi redundancy local pool # Test! # export SIZE=4 # It’s … Sigue leyendo