ZFS I/O error. from Degraded to ONLINE.

Pool restore procedures this is not a test. we succeeded ZFS recovery procedures. it’s a success gptid/021cc ONLINE 0 0 0   scrub should be recommended for situations where earth magnetism, microwaves, and earthquakes are frequent as well as cosmic rays…(?) zfs internal checksum of all files is pretty amazing and worths the loads birth_hole … Sigue leyendo

ZFS resilience after fatal crash on spare HDD

This intends to be a more resilient ZFS configuration ahead of a spare hdd failure So we used many different locations to store virtual files for the pools Hoping to bring a stronger redundancy as well as performance for the mirrors #!/bin/bash # ZFS multi redundancy local pool # Test! # export SIZE=4 # It’s … Sigue leyendo

Uberblock thing resume: complicated

LORD.. it looks like i’m getting my zfs data back but the rollbacks are quite older than 28 days does vdevs remain after scrub? the most advances i did whas the next. zdb -u -l /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD3200AAKS-61L9A0_WD-WCAV2T959597 returns something betterh than -uuu LABEL 0 failed to unpack label 0 LABEL 1 failed to unpack label 1 … Sigue leyendo

past activities 2014

Some Links for the winter recess   The Best Java Unit testing frameworks -> #devops #java #unix #eclipse Analysis of Boolean Functions #algebra #logics #mathematics #computing Exploring tactile perception limits near 270 nanometers… #touchscreen #tactile #android #antropology Hardware resilience: hardware-level fault injection testing #bsd #zfs #unix #computing #hpc Empowering local development by using open technologies … Sigue leyendo

El pitagorismo

Ulpiano repetia sobre la condicion legal de los esclavos: “Esta incapacidad juridica no es consecuencia del poder; Segun el derecho romano: No existen esclavos si no hay un duenio.__ Seneca desprecia la Libertad: Como estoico, lo unico que le basta es la libertad interior. El filosofo p/consolar su amigo escribe: “Estar lejos de su patria … Sigue leyendo

Quantum mechanics and its interpretation

An example of such indeterminacy can be seen when a beam of light is incident on a half-silvered mirror. One half of the beam will reflect, the other will pass. If the intensity of the beam is reduced (scattered) until only one photon is in transit at any time, whether that photon will reflect or … Sigue leyendo