El pitagorismo

Ulpiano repetia sobre la condicion legal de los esclavos: “Esta incapacidad juridica no es consecuencia del poder; Segun el derecho romano: No existen esclavos si no hay un duenio.__ Seneca desprecia la Libertad: Como estoico, lo unico que le basta es la libertad interior. El filosofo p/consolar su amigo escribe: “Estar lejos de su patria … Sigue leyendo

Quantum mechanics and its interpretation

An example of such indeterminacy can be seen when a beam of light is incident on a half-silvered mirror. One half of the beam will reflect, the other will pass. If the intensity of the beam is reduced (scattered) until only one photon is in transit at any time, whether that photon will reflect or … Sigue leyendo

i915/G33 “integration test”

Building a i915 DRI3 <Gallium> GLX support Pipeline I’m Thinking about pushing my personal linux distru i’m using to integrate different head projects like GLX particularly. Ideas for the Debian ‘minbase’ fit and nvidia cards are accepted for this endeavor, as well as cash. blah blah This actually is the private lan project which will be … Sigue leyendo

JDK7 test upgrade

installed jdk8 pretty impressive JDK8 would easily fuckup any running kernel. take it easy also sorted out to write threaded atomic singletons in java.  static code means it is statically positioned inside the vm allocation while non-static means it is memory allocated during runtime that because of JIT. also if you search you you would find … Sigue leyendo

nulla facilisi.

Nulla facilisi. Integer lacinia sollicitudin massa. Cras metus. Sed aliquet risus a tortor. o extrapolando, el universo se termina en lo desconocido. yo no se si quiero ser citado sobre la universalidad o sobre la causalidad de las cosas. osea no tendria el sustrato epistemologico suficiente para constituir un axioma. so la procedencia epistemologica sobre … Sigue leyendo

clojure-1.6.1 – contrib-1.1.6 – compojure

#clojureql #clojure-1.6.1 patched #clojure-contrib and #compojure #clj not fully tested Some form of mathematical api For example each day you say a hashtag and if it matches you win… Not self-aware Clojure yet… a random generator and an watch to sort out the universe…